Face Painting Temporary Tattoos

The availability of temporary tattoos has made the art of face painting as simple as an instant meal. Just add water! (This is a comparison only, folks. No, you should not eat the tattoos!) Most temporary tattoos are quick and easy to apply. You place them on a cheek, cover with a cloth or paper towel soaked in water (warm works best), hold a few seconds, and voila`! You now have instant face art.

The cheaper tattoos may not always come off their backing as they are supposed to, creating missing places in the picture. But there are many quality tattoos that are worth the effort. Sometimes the removal can be a bit tricky as well, requiring a bit of baby oil applied to the area and some gentle scrubbing.

While temporary tattoos can be incredible in their colors and simplicity of application, some say they take away from the idea of actual face art. After all, anyone can apply a simple temporary tattoo, right? Many artists may be insulted to have their work compared to such a thing.

Professional face painting requires a dedication, a love of artwork, skill in drawing, painting and knowledge of supplies, as well as people skills. Those who design these kinds of tattoos do deserve some credit, for their choice of designs, colors availability, and quality of the product.

The world has become fast-paced and face painting has evolved with it and in the creation of the temporary tattoos. Not only sold as facial stickers, they can also be airbrushed onto the face, which requires a bit more knowledge and investment.

Stencil designs are used to bring ease of application. Airbrushed designs transform the image into a face-clinging mask! They can be applied quickly with experienced artists being able to paint as fast as one person per minute.

Markers are a big help also for applying a face painting image. These are available in the crafts section of many hobby stores and drugstores. For great detail work, you can use an eyeliner pencil, which helps if you need to outline.

Artists who are good / great with detail can make their designs look like a temporary tattoo. Tattoo magazines can be an inspiration for a temporary tattoo.

If you just want something quick for your children to play with, these tattoos are fine. They have become more popular with the young teens that are not of an age to actually receive a real tattoo. Many times these low-cost face stickers can be found in gumball machines outside stores, in pizza parlors or children’s fun centers.

You can hire artists who specialize in the application of temporary tattoos, such as the airbrushed type. Many adults enjoy the non-permanent aspect. The artists who apply such a tattoo are often extremely talented individuals.

For the type of tattoos that are applied with water, those that last longest are water-resistant and removed with alcohol. They can last up to 7 days if made of quality materials, applied properly, and worn gently.

Make sure you choose temporary face tattoos that are made of nontoxic FDA approved materials. Also, apply on clean skin with preferably no acne or sores in the area to be covered.


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