Face painting cheek art is very popular and is always in high demand at  face painting events. Some face painters try to promote many types of  complex designs that cover the full face to impress their crowd, which  results in them not focusing on or promoting face painting cheek art. Face  painting cheek art can […] Read more

So, you’ve decided to undertake the wonderful Art of Face Painting? It can prove to be quite an adventure and satisfying for the artist as well as for the customers. As in any other venture, just be sure and do your research of all the aspects of face painting. Insurance, taxes, supply/booth/ travel and investment […] Read more

Are you new to face painting? Welcome to a fun adventure that provides a little bit of simple joy to everyone! Even people who don’t want to have their own faces painted get a kick out of seeing the artwork on the faces of those who do. Not to mention the satisfaction the true artist […] Read more

Children’s face painting designs in Baltimore and surrounding areas are one of the most recognized aspects of face painting. This is because children love face painting, which is why children’s face painting designs are so popular throughout Maryland and seen so frequently. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced face painter, you will Read more


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